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This Site Map intends to help you navigating on our website, facilitating finding the webpages most relevant for your search. Thank you for your search.

Home Page
This homepage intends to be an introduction to our website: José Fontes - Lusitanos. Here you will find the links to the main sections of this private Lusitano Homepage.
Information with articles und Bilder of Neuigkeiten regarding Lusitano pferde from our Gestüt or with activities in which the José Fontes Gestüt has been involved.
The Lusitano pferd
The Lusitano pferd, background information about the Lusitano pferd including: Iberian pferde ; evolution of the Iberian pferd; the Sorraia pferd; the Lusitano pferd; the Brut Lusitano; the characteristics of the Brut Lusitano; Golega pferd fair; Lusitano championships .  
The background of José Fontes Gestüt, focusing in its history und the origin of the Lusitano stuten und Lusitano hengste which were the base for the Bruting selection work that has been carried out. We are Lusitano brüter established since 1981.
Lusitano hengste
Webpages regarding some of the Lusitano hengste from José Fontes Gestüt. The pferd were divided in two sections:


Lusitano hengste


If you search for a beautiful Lusitano hengst here you will find webpages about some of the José Fontes Lusitano hengste, with Bilder und Abstammung, including a pdf list Lusitano pferde.

There are three main webpages in this section: Lusitano hengste including  Janota  Mar  Olare  Quarteio  Quindim  Quite; Lusitano hengste - Cont. -1 including   Rojoneio  Romeiro  Samba  Sombrero  Samurai  Tango; und Lusitano hengste - Cont. -2 including  Tritão  Tubarão  Ulisses  Ulme  Umbroso Unico Lusitano hengste - Cont. -3  Vaidoso


Lusitano Hengste
  Some of the Lusitano hengste which have been in use for Bruting at the Jose Fontes Gestüt farm, with Bilder und Abstammung, including a pdf List Lusitano hengste.

 Lusitano hengste including Go-Go  Jabeque Junco Chines  Laverco Nacar  Onix  Ribamar und Zeus

Lusitano stuten
Information about some of our Lusitano stuten, with Bilder und Abstammung, including a pdf list of our Lusitano stuten. Lusitano stuten at our website:  Orquidea  Piroga  Quejanda  Quimera  Troia  Utopia  Uva
Lusitano fohlen
Information about some of our Lusitano fohlen, with Bilder und Abstammung. Lusitano fohlen at our website: Upa  Ubeda  Uris
A Bildergallerie with some of our Lusitano hengste, stuten und fohlen either hacking, doing Klassische Reitkunst, performing in shows, doing show jumping or just in the field: International fotos  National fotos  Gestüt fotos


Some videos of our Lusitano hengste, stuten und fohlen.


Pferd Videos: Onix  Quindim  Rojoneio  Romeiro  Samurai  Tango


Stuten videos: Orquidea  Piroga  Quejanda  Troia


Fohlen Videos: Ubeda  Uris
Information regarding the people that have been giving the Klassische Reitkunst training for our Lusitano hengste: Filipe Canelas Pinto
Ort des Gestüts
A description und a map indicating how to reach the José Fontes Gestüt
A selection, from José Fontes - Lusitanos, of equestrian links from several countries: Australien  Österreich  Brasilien  Kanada  Dänemark  Frankreich  Deutschland  Niederlande  Portugal  UAE  Gross Britannien  USA          
Site Map
This is this site map which attempts to facilitate navigating in this website, showing details on the structure of it. As soon as you are more familiar how the Jose Fontes - Lusitanos webpages are organised you might find more comfortable to visit us starting from our homepage.


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